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    The performance and the core technology of company products are at the international advanced level, have significant competitive advantages in the same industry in China. Using innovation technologies such as hardware softening technology, our company has self-developed logging tools equipped with advanced highly integrated intelligent modules.
1. Miniaturization of logging tools.
    The logging tools of our company are short and slim, conventional grand slam tool string only has length about 20 meters. In field of miniaturization design it reached the international leading level. Tool miniaturization design has got realized, mainly because, based on hardware softening technology, company can significantly reduce the dimentions of core circuits in downhole instruments. Take a digital gamma spectrometry instrument as an example, the length of company’s core circuit intelligent module is only 33mm, its diameter is only 33mm. To achieve the same functionality, the length of conventional circuit assembly reaches 1 ~ 1.5m, diameter reaches 60 ~ 65mm.
2. Modular structure of circuit.
    Based on the company 's innovative technology hardware softening, in company’s downhole instrument  realized the core circuitry integrated intelligent modular design. Modular design of downhole instrument makes our products maintenance free, enables users to save a lot of maintenance time and maintenance costs, makes field operation easier. Currently domestic logging service companies are using downhole instruments which mainly utilize discrete devices with relatively low degree of integration , many devices and with large dimentions, therefore tools have disadvantages of large discreteness and high failure rate. But circuit modular design overcomes these shortcomings, enables logging tools to have higher consistency and reliability.
3. Low power consumption of circuit
    Company’s downhole instrument utilizes ultra low power consumption electronic circuit design, the power consumption of one instrument is only 1/10 of other manufacturer's similar instrument. Application of ultra-low power consumption technology for downhole instrument reduced the downhole instrument circuit self-heating and further raised downhole instrument temperature rating and ability for long time operation .
4. Outstanding temperature and pressure ratings
   Our logging tools have outstanding temperature and pressure resistance features which reached leading international level, the downhole instrument's temperature rating can reach 220 degrees C / 2 hours , the pressure rating can reach 160MPa. Therefore, downhole tools are able to complete openhole logging operation at depth deeper than 6000 m, can be adapted to most harsh environments.