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Quality control for major products and services:
Ⅰ. QHSE policy
  People-oriented and total employee involvement, caring for life and protecting environment, focusing on accident preventionand and combining prevention with control,  scientific management and continuous improvement.   II.Quality control standard
    In October 23, 2007 the company obtained "Certificate of quality management system certification" issued by the Beijing United Intelligence Certification Co., Ltd., and passed through the certification review in October 22, 2010 (the new Certificate Registration No.:UQ101182R1). Company has established a quality management system in accordance with the ISO9001:2008 standard requirements. The certification scope: design and development, manufacture and service of petroleum digital-controlled (openhole, cased hole) logging instruments, it’s valid until October 19, 2016.

.Quality control measures

    From product R & D, manufacturing to production services, company has a complete set of quality control standards and control measures.

(1) The design and development process of product
    Each project from the set up , R & D to completion, each step must be certified and evaluated by company experts' group. Each stereotyped product should pass through  various strict tests and inspections, especially multiple field verifications.
(2) The purchasing process of spare parts and raw materials
   Our supplier selection system is strict, only the credible and qualified supplier was adopted. The purchased spare parts and materials have to be carefully tested and screened. High temperature rating devices are subjected to strict high temperature heating experiment in order to ensure the temperature resistance properties of the whole product.
(3) Product manufacturing process
  The product manufacturing process should strictly follow quality standards established by company. Every process, every step must pass through strict quality inspection. All integrated parts of the product have to pass through the overall inspection and heating experiment, only the inspected parts can be assembled into the final instrument. Finally, the assembled tool has to pass temperature test and pressure test before delivering to customer.
(4) Oilfield service process
  The logging engineering services provide to the customers geological data which was collected by logging instruments. Obtaining the accurate and reliable information is the key for quality control. Therefore, combining industry characteristics with the specific requirements of customers, company has developed well site logging service quality standards and is following their strict implementation.